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Test Community Engagement and Multidisciplinary Design Tools

(virtually) in Neighborhoods Hard-hit by Covid-19 Challenges

The Covid-19 Pandemic has challenged us all in countless ways and revealed injustices in communities hardest-hit. These

neighborhoods have long-faced climate, social, and economic difficulties prior to this health crisis which has undeniably

exacerbated the current situation. These are complex, societal problems that would clearly benefit from disciplines coming

together and reinforcing individual efforts to cultivate innovative, coordinated solutions for marginalized populations.

01 Synthesis of Research – Volunteers will take cues from well-documented research on large-scale, international and

federal multi-faceted disaster response methodologies to build effective strategies for smaller-scale and longer-term

(6 months+ following disaster and when many agencies have left) academic, student, and community response.

02 Community Engagement + Multidisciplinary Design – Volunteers will test, develop, and refine a unique toolkit that

can facilitate community engagement and multidisciplinary design to develop social, infrastructural, and

environmental resiliency with maximum impact. Challenges faced by Covid-19 hit communities will be the focus.

03 Workshop Participation – Volunteers will develop a series of mock disaster training problems for a workshop in which

they will also be invited to participate. Students will work alongside both community stakeholders as well as industry

professionals with long-standing disaster-relief expertise in a day-long working charrette. The benefits and limitations of

available tools and working methodologies will be identified. The workshop will be held virtually at NYIT in April 2021.

04 Symposium Presentation –
Volunteers will be invited to present their work and interdisciplinary research at the Relief

x Reconstruction x Resiliency (R-CUBED) Symposium to be held virtually at NYIT in April 2021.

A holistic approach to disaster response (COVID-19) can be leveraged by advocates and

organizations to support bringing about social change. Let’s get to work and make an impact!

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